Complete, fully
adaptable solutions

Design and construction of complete lines for the production of bread, cupcakes, fruitcakes and fried products.

Each project is designed according to production needs and the requirements of each client, prioritising food safety and seeking at all times to provide the best solutions to achieve high productivity and a long life cycle.

Reliability and
a long useful
life cycle
Bespoke construction

Bread production lines

Lines for the production of loaves of bread or special breads, designed according to the client’s specifications and product preparation criteria so that they may obtain bread with whatever characteristics, flavour, texture and appearance they desire. MIF adapts the production components and machines to the process, products and timeframes that are needed in each case.

Depending on the products to be made, the line will be able to produce different bread formats with simple changes, as the whole line can be controlled electronically from an easy-to-use, highly intuitive screen.

Cupcakes production lines

Automatic lines of rails or trays for the manufacture of muffins, cupcakes, fruitcakes and other products with paper wrapping. The two types of standardised lines for production yields of 350 and 550 kg/h can be built according to the needs of each project.

The processes incorporated into the lines can include: Beating, paper cupcake placement, dosing, cooking, cooling, cream injection, packaging and weight and metal detector. MIF can also give advice regarding the creation or improvement of products.

Fried-product production lines

Lines designed and built together with our technological partner REYMAN, a fried-product specialist. This company contributes knowledge and experience regarding the processes of dough preparation, frying and glazing, while MIF provides solutions for fermentation, chilling, freezing and packaging. The end result is a perfectly integrated, reliable and versatile production line.
Ask for more information and we will advise you on the best solution for your project.